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Lacoste White (Blanc) L.12.12 “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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  1. Cassidy Sundance

    This smells just like Febreeze under Lacoste name.

  2. Honestly this is the ultimate fresh scent for me. It's not unique or made well, but it gives off the vibe I want to project in a professional setting. I save my Aventus, Fahrenheits, etc for a more special occasion.

  3. I've passed on Lacoste for a while and gone with Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, Creed etc. I sampled it tonight and do enjoy it, though

    I agree with mild longevity. I can still smell my GIT more after 11 hours of wear today than the Lacoste after 6 hours. I like it enough I would buy it

  4. Epic video. Bring him back Al. :)

  5. I love this cologne so much that if I was a guy lol, I would wear it. I bought it for a Christmas gift and so did the girls I showed it to for their special guy. 

  6. I always get compliments when I wear this…good shit

  7. I get only 2 to 3hrs but I have really dry skin. I give this about a 7

  8. I do really enjoy this fragrance. It has grapefruit in the opening which is really sweet, fresh and fruity. If only it has a better longevity, it would be perfect for daily casual wear.

  9. I bought this juice and I think its allright, its a medium scent to me but I like your street scents, Thanks!

  10. I absolutely love this scent!! Very linen like but with a little citrus and woods. Very calming and sexy at the same time. Two thumbs up!!

  11. i got 8 hours of longevety and 4 hours of prjection

  12. Hey Al, I recently got Lacoste Blanc for my birthday and I'm a high schooler. How many sprays do you recommend and where? I usually spray once on each side of my neck and once on my chest. Is there any better spots to spray instead?

  13. Sicilian HellRaza

    Lmao @ 1:17 "Polos & Rugbys". That's EXACTLY what i wear these sort of colognes with. Though the 1st time i smelled the blanc,,i said "it's smells soapy & sorta like sweet canned peaches" lol. One of my fav colognes for 2012-13, personally!

  14. Hey Al, please check out my channel, brand new and just posted my first review!

  15. thanks for the reply back Al.

  16. yo al, I want a medium street scents shirt! check your email man!


    I hear you and plan on changing it up with some more daring Frags next video will be Andy Tauer L'Air Du Desert Marocain.


    Thanks You that means alot


    Nautica Voyage I own it a great scent will do a STREET SCENTS on a Nautica Frag soon


    $320 for the 4oz bottles

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