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Lacoste Pour Homme fragrance review

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  1. The best Lacoste I've ever smelled. Actually one of my favorite designers. :) Great review!

  2. Hi,

    I have yet to find a Lacoste fragrance that I like or trust.  For some reason, I just don't like the house.  To me, they do not seem inexpensive enough to seem to be a house that produces quality "values" and they do not seem high end enough to stand out from the crowd.  The $50-$75 target price range is the sweet spot of fragrances much like mid sized sedans outsell the rest of vehicles.  Unless a fragrance can swing for the fences in this price range like the Diors, YSL, Issey Miyakes and others then I walk by them unless I see multiple reviewers raving over their merits.

    So, why am I commenting on your review ?  It is because I think you are improving and deserve props for it.  You dropped this review in 5 minutes and conveyed most of what you wanted and needed to say in a concise, and informative manner.  I really liked the professionalism of this review.

    There are many reviewers that take 15 minutes to evaluate a fragrance and for some its fine because they research it and give extra information.  Still, often I want to see a quick hitter review that tells me if I might like it or if its great enough to consider purchasing.  I live in the middle of nowhere so I cannot easily go to the mall and get samples or have a SA hit me with a squirt to see how I like it.  Therefore, I depend on good accurate quality reviews.  But I don't want to spend days wading through them.  One reason that I like top 10 lists and top 20 lists is that people say these are the ones that I like and think worthy of purchase and use the most.  Boom, done, and we move along.  I even like lists about which ones people did not like or would rather have not bought and I pay close attention to those as well.  Sure its nice when people do collaborative videos and you do more than most and its ok to let another voice be heard and nobody listens to others better than you so those are going to run overtime and that's ok.  But it makes me happy when you get your points across in 5 minutes.  Especially when you review a fragrance from a house that I don't follow and might never own such as Lacoste.

    Personally, I find your voice to be one that I trust.  And I want to have time to listen to most of your reviews.

    You aren't very good at it but I enjoy it the most when you step outside of the box and let the man inside of you free and express your opinion.  I don't always want to see reviews about the fragrances you wear.  I want to see reviews about the man you are and how the fragrances change your life.  I want to see your philosophy and humanity and goodness.  Did you inspire an elderly gentleman to smile when he stepped on a bus and got to walk by a beautiful scent that you shared.  Did a child get a millisecond of pleasure from your fragrance ?  Did a fragrance improve your day or help you deal with a sad situation or inspire you to a moment of boldness the world might have missed had it not.

    I will admit that there are times I might ask someone out that I wouldn't if I weren't wearing a good fragrance.  Im not expecting panty droppers but I sort of feel the bullet less when I get shot down and can think maybe Im not their type but at least I probably smell better than 99% of the people that asked them out … and that's something even when I am bleeding pride.

    We love you and your reviews not merely because of the quality of them but rather because of the magnificence of who you are.  And wed like to see more of that guy.

    Cheers Mate

  3. i think , i want to try this perfume out..thx for the great review. :)

  4. Really good scent. One that I think every 'casual consumer' (a person who doesn't collect and doesn't want to spend a lot) should own.
    Good review Chad!

  5. Sounds like quite an interesting fragrance. Great review. 

  6. Thanks for the video.

  7. I got a 100 ml off ebay frm da perfume-1store for 29.99. 8 hrs projection for me 

  8. I certainly took note of this one. In my opinion, if you want to mix it up doing after shaves that would be great I've been watching Nick Shaves and he kind of does the same thing you do, but gives his opinions on safety razors, shaving soaps, and after shaves. He always mentions Captain's Choice Bay Rum after shave and Cat o' Nine-Tails, whichever brand that is. I was watching his video and thought of your channel and what you do.

  9. I'm sorry, but this scent is very weak: smell, persistance,longevity.

  10. Happy New Year Bro! !Health, peace, prosperity and a phenomenal 20 15 to u & family! ! 

  11. Excellent review, Chad!

  12. Okay, I admit it…I don't like Lacoste fragrances…haven't smelled one that I would ever own.  I guess it's because they all smell like something a very young man would wear (16-25) and I'm a miserable old bastard. (Lol)  Scent of the Morning: Coffee..hot, black and plenty of it.  Happy New Year!

  13. AGentlemansJourney

    Happy New Year everyone. 

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