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Lacoste pour Homme / Fragrance review

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  1. hey bro them earing tho I used to have them when I lived in the Philippines bought them at the mall but I forgot the name of the brand can you please tell me the name I lost them!! Nice Review btw!

  2. One of my original favorite scents.  I get zero juniper berries out of this, no piney scent at all, instead it's a fruity candy/cotton/vanilla.  Agree it is warming though.  Good review my friend.

  3. my brother has it.. its awesome!

  4. I love the smell of the vanilla. Yum

  5. I smell vanilla from thus one.

  6. great review thanks!

  7. yehh his gotta be my favorite scent ever

  8. I like your guide-lines pertaining to age groups for certain fragrances…thing is!..When i was 19 i loved aramis which is considered an older mans fragrance…..I got a random comment once from a woman whilst wearing helmut lang curion…(another older guy frag)…

  9. i really like this fragrance, it's one of my first ever, really underrated in my opinion.

  10. i just got it the day before. it says it was made in England. i thought it was French-made wrongly. any ways, it makes me relaxing much calmer than i expected.

  11. Uhmmm lol very weird. I have this fragrance too. Same size bottle, I am also missing the cap, and I have used about the same amount of juice. I sprayed this last night on my hand for the hell of it without seeing this video and definitely smelled plum. Didnt even know it was in the notes lol. It is pretty strong too. Good review!

  12. the first bottle is half empty what did you do to it you poured it all over?!! hahahaha LOL…..

  13. @jernizzle459 well i would love toy test it out but im in Germany so their is no macy's over here and i have never seen coach over here either, i might be able to find it online.

  14. @jernizzle459 hey well is the fragrance your talking about from the brand Coach "the handbag company" or is it from a designer house and the name of the fragrance is coach ? I would defiantly love to sample this

  15. @jernizzle459 well most fragrances dont go bad that fast, i have a few bottles in my collection that are well over 5 years old and they are still fine, its important to store you fragrances in a dark and cool place.


  17. @butlerxc Yes i think it could be a signature scent, but it is a little sweet so if you had to put seasons on it then all seasons, just not in the summer.

  18. great review fabiano!

  19. Great review fabiano!

  20. thanks for the recommendation. I actually ended up getting at Walmart (i hate shopping there) for under $35…good price.

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