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Lacoste Pour Homme by Lacoste Fragrance/Cologne Review (2002)

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  1. its really god and cheap buy a testeryou will see what is the best 4 your skin

  2. I had a bottle of this and I don't think I have ever hated a fragrance so much. I tried really hard to like it but its just not going to happen with me.

  3. May want to try these plum base ones:

    Isvaraya, Indult
    Andy warhol, Bond no9
    Liaisons Dangereuses, By Kilian
    Ouris, So oud
    So New York, Bond No 9
    Une Nuit Magnetique, The Different Company
    Plum japonais, Tom ford (didn't like this one and too linear)

  4. Really good scent for the price. Great review Marc. I never thought of it but yeah I can see similarities to Boss Bottled.

  5. I like this fragrance a lot. Cinnamon and apple in a comforting way, very soothing and have a nice projection and longevity. Greetings from Brazil.

  6. How many sprays and where on the body would you recommend for guerlain pamplelune ?

  7. I Honestly think Amouage took a look at JPG Le Male and Lacoste Pour Homme to create Reflection Man, and the 2 bottles have similar color's, Reflection Man & Lacoste pour homme.

  8. This to me smells like Amouage Reflection Man, yes, and I have both….

  9. Hey Marc. Awesome review as always. Out of interest as far as a plum note, have you laid your nose on Olfactive Studios, Chambre Noire? I though surely you must have I love it, love it, love it.
    Also how do you go about choosing the music to go with each scent review?

  10. Mark, you did not make a Creed Aventus review.

  11. Used that Fragrance when i was like 18 it works best in colder weather, that's the (LACOSTE POUR HOMME)Best Lacoste cologne Ever made, i used it in college and it performed great, excellent good silage good projection and good longevity. Has a very peaceful and relaxing smell kinda minty and unique. 5/5 scent but it's more to me for the younger crowd.

  12. Vow the recommended age bracket is really wide ;). Don't remember smelling this but plum + Vanille sounds good 2 me. 

  13. One of the first bottles I ever bought.  Preferred this over red.

  14. why the dislikes?

  15. Was wondering who was going to do this review. I'm glad you did it. Great job. 

  16. Great! Review mark! I'm not a fan of this line either. For me this one had performance issues on my skin. Infact most of this line has performance issues on me. I like viewing your reviews. Your on point. and, you are not afraid to say the truth. Thanks! 

  17. AGentlemansJourney

    Great review. I have a small bottle of this one from the lady and it's one that I am actually keeping as I downsize the collection. Now please review Canali Black Diamond :P

  18. Great review Marc. Need to get my nose on some from this line. 

  19. There is a small request dear..please review JPG Lemale and Fahrenheit (Reformulated)..M planning to buy them both..but dont knw what to do coz of the reformulation.. never smelt the vintage versions of both.people r cursing lemale for the reformulation..i thought to ask u coz u r the right person for that.its been ur fav for past years.Hope u will do it soon..really need to knw ur take on these two especially Lemale.hope u will read my comment. n think on it..Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

  20. Great Review Marc..Jst bought it a week before..its gud for winter season..and for work especially if u r working in Air conditioned office..yes its truly reminding me of Boss Bottle..i have that too..LPH is ok Fragrance..and really gud for work.. the compliment factors r high at work.

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