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Lacoste Essential Sport Fragrance/Cologne Review

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  1. i need to get me a bottle this summer :)

  2. I like this fragance! I have one and I love it (: recommended

  3. mine is 2011 winter version.. its doesn't have a sticker.. the serial number is almost stamped on the bottom of the bottle. i bought it from macy's

  4. i bought fake for le male and issey miyake… i will never buy on ebay again….
    seller is asking me to send him back , now i am suppose to go back to the US and send him back and pay for the shipping and gas… these sellers have no shame…
    Le male bottle looks very original but it doesn't have the raised "Gaultier" emblem on the back.. I think i will stick with fragrancex… i hope they dont' sell fake

  5. I think i bought a fake lacoste sport on ebay.. I am not sure.. but the smell doesn't last
    Haseeb can you tell me how does the bottom of the bottle looks like? does it have a sticker , serial number? or something engraved?

  6. I'm very sure you will like it. It's a blind buy and I actually have yet to know someone who doesn't like this one. Let me know what you think of it. I hope you ordered from a well known department store to ensure authenticity.

  7. i oredered this cologne based on your reviews, i hope it's nice

  8. @farhancpa
    sorry no longer available

  9. @bachatuuu i am interested in lacoste sport.. how you wanna do it?

  10. hahha i know i was kidding.. i am pretty athletic and getting into colognes these days
    i do like your taste.. so definitely i will be watching your reviews

    what colognes would you recommend that are cheapies but goodies
    with good longevity and projection

    i have heard Live jazz is good?
    i definitely would be interested in your suggestions.. we have similar taste

  11. Joachim Christensen

    @farhancpa wth ?? a person who is 35+ can still be athletic you know .. police, military, firemen etc… and it's a Eau de toilette…

  12. 35+ can't be athletic or can use this cologne? :)

  13. @GaeasBlessing Couldn't agree more

  14. To me, this is like a much fresher, more day timey version of ADG.

  15. if any of you guys are interested in this I have the 4.2oz 90% Lacoste Essential Sport for swap or sale. Although I like it its too strong as someone else this thing is potent get 10+ on my skin.

  16. @mikebernazki thanks.. i have been really busy lately job hunting after college.. hopefully i can review more soon.. thanks for watching

  17. Nice fragrance! I was thinking of buying the original Essential, but found too many people had it… it's a little more aquatic as you pointed out and lasted over 10+ hours on my skin! Works just fine… I just got this, say 2 weeks ago? Works for a college kid like me, or even a high schooler! Good alternative to Cool Water or ADG.

  18. eh… smells like every other fuckn cologne

  19. @rosaarotebrille You are welcome. I seriously don't think there is much not to like about this one. I feel energized and always in good mood when I'm wearing it. Let me know what he thinks after wearing this fragrance for a few days.

  20. Sorry guys.. I uploaded this video 3 weeks ago, and the video lost the sound for some reason.. I re-uploaded.. Enjoy!!

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