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Lacoste Essential Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Bought this for the summer of 2015. What really makes this juice for me is the cassis. Here in Finland we have cassis at almost every summer cottage and such, and this reminds me of a drink my grandmother used to make to us in the summer when we were children. It consisted of cassis leaves, and this fragrance really reminds me of that! A summery, clean and green scent, and the memory really makes it for me!

  2. ryan higa(nigahiga) wears this!….i think,in his "dafuq did i just watch" video 3.08 :p

  3. Your Awesome, Keep doing what you do, Thanks

  4. nautica voyage or this one lacoste essential for the smell?

  5. Now normally, your reviews are right on the money…& i feel you're the #1 youtube cologne critic ..hands down..BUT…everyone including myself really disliked this cologne. It smelled like a celery stick was drunk driving & crashed itself into an oak tree….& that's that lol.

  6. Does this scent last long?

  7. can anyone suggest me which one is better lacoste essential,ck eternity or dunhill dersire ….i m looking for a summer frag with good sillage…plz help cause these are my only options

  8. adam shariff Ariffin

    from my point of view I like the lacoste essential from the lacoste house

  9. Hey Cubby, love all the reviews, but i have a complaint, your costing me money lol. Everytime i think about a new scent i visit your channel and end up buying. I agree 100% on Lacoste Essential, i wear it by default almost everyday, but my bottle is almost empty so im going to give it a break for awhile and try something new for the summer YSL L'homme or Paco Rabanne 1 million. Any suggestions? im 21 btw so you know age group.

  10. is it strong?

  11. Is it good for the girls(highschool) will they love it too?

  12. i bought these three times in a row, its the best.

  13. I love this cologne i bought a sample and i cant stop smelling it! its my new favorite frag

  14. u should review perfumes too :) for example, coco channel mademauselle ( i dont think i spelled it right but yes) xD

  15. alright i want a cologne that will be versitle. for school,work, and good with the ladies.. would you say this is a good versitle frag?

  16. Agreed completely, this stuff is heavenly for a Spring/Summer daytime fragrance.

  17. @cformosa4 Essential lasts longer on skin.

  18. AirsoftGunReviews4U

    @cformosa4 Thanks for the response! I am still just a novice to this stuff, however I do recall hearing this in a YouTube video – but I trust your judgement over theirs. I must now click "Post" so I can go and subscribe to you. hahaha

  19. @AirsoftGunReviews4U i would say quite the opposite. if you are having longevity problems, a great way to increase longevity would be to spray clothes. :)

  20. AirsoftGunReviews4U

    In order to prolong the scent from your cologne of choice, it is suggested that you apply it directly to your skin instead of your shirt.

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