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Lacoste Essential by Lacoste | Fragrance Review

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  1. Bought this for the summer of 2015. What really makes this juice for me is the cassis. Here in Finland we have cassis at almost every summer cottage and such, and this reminds me of a drink my grandmother used to make to us in the summer when we were children. It consisted of cassis leaves, and this fragrance really reminds me of that! A summery, clean and green scent, and the memory really makes it for me!

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  3. I want to get this for next summer. Very nice, casual, safe scent.
    I certainly don't agree with the last woman, though.

  4. Sally is very pretty!  So is that tie playa!  I unfortunately get very weak projection on the new bottle made in 2012.  Used to get better performance. 

  5. endoftheworld2030

    nice review my nigga

  6. hey i like your videos! keep up the good work!! Do some Frederic Malle..

  7. My Lacoste essential and Hugo Boss bottled have finished :(. I wish perfume can last for ever

  8. My Lacoste Essential and Hugo Boss bo

  9. Mine smells citrusy

  10. sally is a cutie ;p

  11. This one is nice because it comes back up and projects when your body heat increases!!!

  12. What about the new Gorgio Armani Essenza?

  13. fragrance is intelligence

  14. lol! I like CNN! But still.. I just don't want to be pingponging with the music.. can't please everyone

  15. Great review! this is one of my favorite scents. picked a sample up of it years ago. picked the bottle up before the sample was finished. i do have to pick up another bottle

  16. Daaayum! Bring back Sally and rachael for a threesome rofl

  17. Great review Doc. This used to be my go to work scent. out of the lacoste line this and style in play are the best from the them. After watching a video from Dan i went in to a rue 21 to try cjblack and i smelled one there that is almost identical to this one can't remember what its called though.

  18. review is good but…music like starting cnn:))

  19. Maximilian Heusler

    Oh no doubt man. There's no stopping me, I'm like global warming lol. You've definitely been an influence, my dude.

  20. I may this summer

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