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Lacoste Essential by Lacoste Cologne/Fragrance Review (2005)

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  1. Fragrancy Robinson

    Hey i love your reviews and was hoping you can give me some feedback on my reviews(: im new to the fragrance community and would love to know what you think(:

  2. SilverShamrock71

    Do they still do the Lacoste in that you used to get in the 1980's??? Used to wear it at school it came in a green and white bottle, used to love that scent, is this it even? although this was released in the 2005….

  3. Digitalimprint420

    Green wall/sweater/cologne/watch band. It sure is your fav color.

  4. I really want to get this for a scent for next summer after smelling a sample. Wicked Swollen Members tune, also.

  5. You even painted your wall.

  6. Awesome review !!
    Great scent but I haven't wore it in a while .

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  8. I like essential but not the pour homme

  9. Are you talking about Lacoste Essential or Lacoste Pour Homme?

  10. i just bought this frag at an outlet store and it seems to smell quite different than the tester in the store and was wondering if you find it to be a very feminine, musky scent?

  11. that is like comparing ping pong balls to baseball bats…lol
    my choice is essential because i hate the overwhelming feminine musky smell that D & G pour homme gives off…

  12. lacoste essential or green one ??

  13. I love the red one!!! also the white smells really good

  14. hey marc, a couple questions if you have some time;
    1. Putting this one aside, between the lacoste white, red, and blue wich do you think is best or should i even bother with one of those?
    2. In your opinion what is the BEST summer fragrance for this coming summer (price dont matter here).

  15. Tennis match, that is so spot on! But i actually agree with it being a bit boring.

  16. Ill take a wild guess and say green is your favorite color…

  17. RenewalOfAllThings

    Nice. The box matches your shirt…. and your wall. 😉 This cologne is NICE.

  18. Great review

  19. it smells like how you go out from a shower…
    probably one of the "cleanest" ones that iv smelled.

    if you like those try the "Kenzo" (i dont remember exactly which one" for men
    it is one of the longest lasting fragrances that iv ever tried.
    i would get him…

  20. hey man you always recommend more sprays than usual.. for me three sprays of this and i am good for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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