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Lacoste Booster Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. sorry, is still produced in 2015?…i didn´t found for anywhere…sorry for my english…thanks

  2. I hated this scent but I got it as a gift from my parents so I wore it a lot in 2011. Wore it after gym class and it has a lot of memories tied to it. Just can't stand it. 

  3. Kind of smells like irish springs.

  4. great i have  one

  5. ugh ew. It definitely boosts……. boosts my thought of tossing it in the garbage can. Anybody watching this, YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER. Very pungent, very green in a Cartier Roadster sort of way except nowhere near that mature or intense but definitely that same gross uniqueness. Just go to your retailer and buy some Azzaro Chrome… both in the same category and Chrome actually smells decent. Poor effort on Lacoste's side…………. great sprayer though. Reminds me of the Green Goblin.:)

  6. i really like–very cleanly smell–chicks dig it–

  7. thedoorsbiggestfan

    A girl once told me sarcastically that I smelled like I just got out of the shower

  8. Love this fragrance, great casual scent….it's amazing

  9. you are pretty good looking dude…

  10. LOL I just realized this—- did you know you can "lock" the sprayer by turning it? I just hadn't really looked at it and assumed it could be accidentally sprayed.

  11. It is quite unique and I'm surprised user "navyaircraftengineer" said it is generic woodsy. Unless you live around a lot of eucalyptus plants I don't see it as being generic at all. And I don't really see it as "woodsy" either. It's the kind of smell that is shocking at first, but then you really like it. It does have a sort of "fresh medicinal/herbal smell to it with mint that is VERY unique to me. At least I haven't smelled anything like it. Reminds me of CK Be in ways—maybe it shares notes.

  12. I bought this a couple of months ago.. Loved it.. A lil fresh, or, even a bit "weak" for me.. I mean, it doesn't stick.. or lasts.. in my opinion.. still loved it for a day cologne..

  13. Yeah, lacoste frags have great top, myself I have only red(style in play) and use it only when I'm on gym/swimming pool really brings nice boost during workout and great to put on after shower

  14. Does anyone find this to be a brilliant version of Grey Flannel? (minus the awful)

  15. @cformosa4 Yeah that makes perfect sense, I totally agree. So many times I tried a designer scent that had an amazing top that didn't last. And its exactly for the reason you gave . Very true.

  16. @harryomlet thanks for asking :) a fragrance is considered "aromatic" when it is quite "herbal". The fragrance has notes like Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Tarragon, Bay Leaf, Sage, Clary Sage, Oregano, Basil, etc.

    Usually when the cooks uses herbs that add a pleasant smell to cooking they call it an aromatic herb/spice. its a culinary term that made its way into fragrance as well. 😀

  17. @MyMickers thanks mickers! its a nice one.

  18. @BigManWeave I completely agree! :)

  19. @Guinea54 yeah! Tons of designer fragrances don't have top notes that last long enough. I usually enjoy the top of designer frags the most. They probably put most of their budget into the first 20 mins because they want to make the sale in the store. Especially with Lacoste — pretty much all of the frags have top notes that dont last longer than 10-15 mins. However, Essential is an exception.. it is GREAT – the top stays strong throughout the whole life.

    What do you think?

  20. @hiroyoruzuka haha! well, you roll!

    does that even make sense? lol.. anyway, you rock too 😛

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