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La Vie Est Belle Film | Lancôme Fragrance

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  1. Julia Robert se ve muy bell en ese video perfecto para ella

  2. I love this ad

  3. please keep on advertising i love this ad and i want to buy the purfume

  4. al baghdadai jafar


  5. toni solivellas alberti

    ¿Alguien puede decirme el nombre que la chica que sale en el vídeo en el 0:33? ¡Gracias anticipadas!.

  6. q fea por dios

  7. I love this ad 💎💃🏼😲👐🏽

  8. hey don't hate this commerial

  9. name of song?

  10. toni solivellas alberti

    Beautiful day Venus

  11. name of music ????!!!

  12. Stop i wll never by this

  13. the name of the music ???

  14. Stupid stupid

  15. What even is this commercial about? .~.

  16. And you suck!

  17. I forgot life an it beautiful ok!

  18. Stop advertising now and you too lancome now!

  19. Stop advertising

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