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Kristen Wiig Funniest Impersonations

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  1. x X L i z z i e S a b b a t h X x

    Queen Liza<3

  2. x X L i z z i e S a b b a t h X x

    Queen Liza<3

  3. Miss Iconoclast

    Her Liza fucking killed me lol

  4. GracieEvilPanda

    Oh, wow! I lover her Liza!!

  5. Oh I would love to hang out with Kristen, shes awesome.

  6. Who's the guy with the actual Kathy? I'm going crazy.

  7. I like the Target one LOL

  8. I have always love Kristen Wiig! Her impressions amaze me and I can honestly say that I cried from laughing so hard at this video!

  9. and do exactly what you would do! no spells..

  10. The madonna one was the funniest one.

  11. Her Maggie smith impression is pretty good too :D

  12. 1:26. The Kathy Lee impression was spot on…."ya heard".

  13. What's the Intro song?

  14. she is freakin genius!!!

  15. Okay

  16. John Belushi was right.

  17. Nothing against Kristin, she's really talented but I would say these are more like parodies than impersonations.

  18. Frozen

  19. Madonna is from freaking Michigan. Nice fake English accent. How pretentious and pathetic… which means Kristen Wiig mocking it is all the funnier. :)

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