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Kristen Stewart Named Balenciaga Perfume’s Newest Spokeswoman

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  1. BALENCIAGA……TESTS ON ANIMALS…..ALL SET & shame on you Kristen Stewart for the endorsement!!!!

  2. I just recently picked up the fragrance and now that I know kristen stewart is the face of the fragrance…even BETTER.

  3. we can all get by on chicken and fish..no one is selling out you losers. Thats the beauty of living
    in the US! We can make our living anyway we chose.

  4. animal rights..lol who gives a shit Kristen is a human being; not a dog and can make human choices i never understood all the animal right bs

  5. So excited for this! This will be a great year for her. She's been working so hard, and she deserves the best.

  6. Can't wait for it so gonna get it I love Kristen !!!! -3

  7. Kristen Stewart isnt even CLOSE to one of the prettiest people ever!! ya, she is a bit pretty but not that much

  8. kristen stewart will look soooo sexy. no doubt bout that!!!!

  9. @krisbiancherry lol
    oops my bad

  10. I cannot wait! Kristen is the perfect match!

  11. FUCK U BITCH don't talk about Kristen

  12. @lulusun2 Did she ruin something you like…aww…..NOT WHO GIVES A FUCK…GOOD I HOPE KRISTEN MAKES MORE THINGS YOU LIKE SUCK!

  13. @ilovewinxclub4ever Calm the hell down. I wasn't trying to insult your precious Kristen, I was pointing out some things I personally don't like about her personality and style. And no, I'm definitely not jealous of a girl like that.

  14. Hell yes! AHHH new fav. Perfume.

  15. I loved the perfume but now kristen has ruined my favourite brand, except Dior of course.

  16. @ethyl1234 kristen stewart u wrote ''stuart''

  17. I saw KSTew's Balenciaga pictures! and it was amazing… she is soo beautiful any time.. she is a natural beauty! she looks beautiful with make up and without make up!
    I just love her and I want to say that it was great choice! She is the only perfect fro Balenciaga! her style,beauty is just great!.. I think

  18. Dana Ward…I don't know if it is the colors of your outfit, the outfit itself or your hairstyle but you're looking scary thin…Like anorexic thin.

  19. A spokesperson who cant speak properly. Lets see how this works out then.

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