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Kissable Lips! My Favorite Lipstick Collection & S

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  1. loved your collection beautiful just subbed please stop by my channel I'm new

  2. Awesome video! I love the L'Oreal Nudes collection!

  3. great video!!, subbed back!

  4. You're so pretty :) Great video <3 Subbed back.

  5. Lovely video! I´m literally obsessed with our channel right now. I know you´ll get far in YouTube. You´ve got a great personality and I can see your confidence in front of the camera. I´ve also got a channel and I was wondering if we could maybe sub for sub so we can support each other. Have a nice day! :)

  6. That Nyx lipstick was my fave of your faves. <3

  7. You have an awesome collection. I'm so lacking on my own, I need to up it a little! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great video sweetie!! You look SO beautiful!! I gave your video a thumps up! 😉 BTW, I have a new video up and would love to invite you to see it! <3

  9. Lovely shades esply avon simply pretty n rimmel one so beautiful…. great video hun…😊😍😘

  10. wow amazing colours


  12. A lovely video as always! <3

  13. These colors and beautiful! Thanks for sharing xo

  14. Wow what a collection! I'm jealous :) Also I really like how you end videos with "Stay beautiful" <3

  15. Wonderful lipsticks!

  16. Amanda'sBeauty_ corner

    I love the nyx color in gala!!! So gorgeous!

  17. Great video i liked all the shades :)

  18. Great collection and thanks for sharing :)

  19. very pretty video and I love all the different brands you shared! (thumbs up)

  20. Jasmine Gorton-Parker

    LOVE these colors! xo

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