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Kim Kardashian – Gold Perfume Review!! ( WHY SO CHEAP KIM?!)

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  1. smells like men's cologne!!

  2. My Aunt just bought this for me, so im excited to see how it smells like, Thanksss x

  3. Balmy means having the qualities of balm; odoriferous; aromatic; assuaging; soothing; refreshing; mild. And balm is any of various fragrant gum resins used in perfumery or medicine, esp. from tropical trees of the genus Commiphora, of the bursera family. So most scents that have benzoin notes to it will be described as balmy.

  4. What does it mean when they say a fragrance is balmy? i have midnight in paris, and it's described as balmy….i

  5. I love Heat by Beyonce so much right now! Cologne (men's, anyway) I love Fahrenheit by Christian Dior and the original Armani Code. If you're young (high school-early college) Jake by Hollister is such a sexy scent!

  6. i got this its smells soo lushhh and its harder than plastic

  7. it's funny that you said it reminded you of rebel fleur at first and later realized it was nothing like it because i love rebel fleur. i will be purchasing this because I really like patchouli and warm scents. great review. :)

  8. butterflycupecake

    Thank you for the review, I´m so getting this. I have the first perfume from KK and I love it :) so I bet I will love this to.

  9. That was a great price what a deal I just bought that set for $30.LOL I hate patchouli in a perfume but in this one it smells amazing.Thanks for the review.What other perfumes do you like? Do you like Gucci Guilty?

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