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Kenzo Power By Kenzo Cologne/Fragrance Review (2008)

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  1. kenzo power or prada pour homme? if you could buy one….or are they both different enough to buy both??

  2. You are soooo right. I sampled Fleur Du Male with high expectations and found it to be instead of an innovative male scent, to instead by a Ladies perfume marketed to men. I gave the sample to my Sis.

  3. I agree, it's totally sensational. I have it on my list along with Kenzo Tokyo.

  4. In my opinion, this. Dior Homme to me (again, just my opinion) smells like an old lady's purse.

  5. Marc, I totally agree this would be of the unique category of "Citrus Floriental"; It also seems to be a very Yin and Yang scent, it is male and female, long lasting yet smooth, energizing while at times calming. Sure it is unisex, but I don't think I would call it outright feminine. Unlike Fleur du Male and La Homme, I don't get the "old lady" feel at all from this. I think it is a Dark Horse Masterpiece.

  6. thanks for the review! i had roughly a spray of this stuff left in a sample from 08. i just tried it again, and im gonna go pick some of this stuff up!

  7. Just got Kenzo Power in fro 15 bucks on ebay and im digging it, nice mix of floral, citurs and woods, projection its been 2 hours and its still kicking out of my skin, thanks again my dude, its good to spend so little on something that smells a whole lot,, peace

  8. Just blind bought this after listening to your review, its kinda like a cheapie price wise so i thought it was a good gamble, ill let you know what i think when i get it in, thanks again Mark

  9. what´s the pricee??

  10. really love this scent! 😀

  11. great job let the world know of the underrated house

  12. If it smells good, it smells good…flowers or not i don't mind

  13. I've owned a 2.0 oz bottle of this for a while but recently purchased another 4.0 oz bottle and noticed that this says Kenzo Power edt Fraiche on the bottom of the bottle and the bottom from part of the box. I even checked on my 2.0 oz bottle and it says the same thing. Have a been rocking a flanker without even knowing? This whole time I though it was Kenzo Power, maybe it is, i dunno….

  14. hey marc !! is that on your neck le male solid perfumed military Name Tag??? if soo where can you get them online ?? the oficial JPG site dosent deliver in my country :((

  15. the have a 25.5 oz of that stuff and its around $350

  16. @rainbowbow100 thanks 😉

  17. You are so right, I'm a girl and I just bought this for myself. I totally agree with you on that it can be a unisex scent. I like it a lot. I find it to be a really cooling kind of a fragrance.

    Your videos are awesome and you talk well :0)

  18. @emeraldgreen1814 yes it is very much calmer then the original (perhaps aquatic almost) I like the original much better because it's great in the warm weather anyways

  19. @GetandbeReal congrats

  20. Bought one today 😀

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