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Kenzo “Jungle L’Elephant” Fragrance Review

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  1. I got my sample of Jungle L'elephant today and there is a slightly sour note in it that keeps me from not being sure I like it. Maybe it will grow on me. Darn it! I wanted to like it. I would like to add a soft spicy perfume to my collection but this one may be too much.

  2. I have my eyes on this perfume and never got around to buying it, thanks for this review

  3. Hola! Exelente review! Lo amas o lo odias. Yo lo Amooooooo!!! No hay otro igual.

  4. BlueEyedDemonWoman

    So glad I purchased this beautiful perfume this past summer.  It truly is a unique scent that grabs attention.

  5. NEEEARLY blind bought this online once upon a time but am yet to smell it! My kind of notes. They don't seem to sell it in Aus!! Ooooh I love Chrissy candle perfumes :) Sounds so awesome! Great job again, you make me wanna go blind buy hunting again!!!!

  6. Birds! I see birds everywhere and they are coming for me…nice top. Do you know what? I had a friend, who I have not seen in years and she used this gorgeous scent, I now need to try and get in touch with her, lovely lady and a lovely parfum. Enjoy Miami.

  7. Great review! When I tried Jungle L'Elephant the first time, I was more into floral fruity aquatic stuff. The clove and cumin blast at the beginning got me hooked right away. It was a revelation! <3 The mingling of mango and spices smells like a sort of Chinese dried plum to me, love it! <3

    Have a nice holiday! :)

  8. Jennie Georgiades

    This is now on my must-try list :) written reviews sometimes make it sound a bit scary and brash, but now I've got to smell it. Spicy vanilla should be it's own category, and my favorite one at that. Have an amazing holiday!

  9. This one sounds lovely. Vanilla and spices, yummy!

  10. I've searched for this one, it sounds so good. It's hard to find though. There is a .17 oz mini for sale on ebay for $15. Might have to pick it up. :)

  11. I think it smells more of incense than a candle. I've had a mini of this for awhile now and it's so unique, so well-blended, and just lovely! It's not very gourmand on me, it's definitely oriental spicy. It's one of my favorites. :)

  12. Wow, this sounds SO interesting! I'll definitely give it a snif! :)

  13. Ooohhh you did this!!! I'm so happy yay! Thank you very much for this amazing review! You know I love this perfume and I think you rock it too.
    PS: You're so cute when you say "Giorgos"haha is just George. 😉 Love your shirt. :-*

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