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Kenzo Homme Fragrance Review!

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  1. Best aquatic fragrance ever made with Aqua Di Gio and Cool Water.The vintage formulation is really off the hook!

  2. Nice review
    can you suggest me some long lasting fragrance
    I am also beard man

  3. The initial spray smells like cat piss. I kid you not :(
    The rest smells like a synthetic car wreck. 23 notes and all of the fake and nasty.
    The only reason why I haven't washed it off yet is I had to warn everyone that sees this video. Run away from this!

  4. Best fragrance..smell of ocean,sea

  5. Really good video, thanks.

  6. I have a whole bunch lined up to do, just need to make the time to sit down and do them! Thanks for the comment :)

  7. Love your intro music. Have you done any new reviews yet? were waiting

  8. Then they need to get some good taste and stop being so rude

  9. awesome fragrance, thanks for the review

  10. Thanks for the video. I saw many good reviews on Basenotes and it sounded like my kind of thing, so I blind bought it. Having tried it today, it at first reminds me of washing up powder. I really want to like it, but that synthetic plasticy smell didn't work for me. It smells better after the dry down, but I still can't wear this out. However, I can imagine this working on others, and it's not a bad fragrance. I just think it's too bold and too unique for everyone. Don't blind buy this one!

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