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Katy Perry’s PURR Perfume review

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  1. Christine Valentine

    U are a beautiful lady and lovely eyes this video made me smile ya cat perfume and cat pet are both beautiful keep the videos coming love watching them x

  2. I love the bottle… it is gorgeous. LMAOOO Bonnie you are not playing football….step away from the eyeliner. hehe Your a hoot. :)

  3. You have gorgeous eyes! Love, love that beautiful kitten! ♥ Jan

  4. @phillytomcat yes it is, I think its a collectors item in about 5 yrs after every decides, its not worth smelling..but it must smell good on some people, it just reminds me of some yummy drank :)

  5. @EZGlutenFree it is such a cute bottle, really heavy glass….I just wish it smelled better..thanks for watching :)

  6. @1Sunrose :) i HAVE to laugh at myself, the thing i do and talk about, really make me wonder, am I really ok in this world?? thanks for watching :)

  7. You are so fun to watch. I was on vacation and this was my first video I watched when I got back, I have to say I sure did miss Youtube while I was gone.

  8. Oh Bonnie you're so funny. You always lighten my mood.

  9. That's a cute bottle !

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