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Katy Perry Royal Revolution Perfume Unboxing

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  1. I have the red version

  2. Leonardo Salinas Navia

    Katy. Slays. In Everything.

  3. Sαρρнiяє is Chill.ˣ

    I wanna get this, but I already have Killer Queen (the first one). Also, I love your hair <3

  4. Ragnar “Kaiserschmarrn” Müller

    i use it being a man-woman. it smells breathtaking…

  5. i have red and purple! i think im gonna get blue now!

  6. I got this perfume in a gift set today and I brought it without smelling it first which people say that you should never do but it is amazing I love it so much it's only the 30ml bottle but I have a feeling I will be buying a bigger bottle of it in the future.

  7. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kelly Osborne? Love your videos!

  8. Your eyelash is falling apart …and you didnt even notice
    But that's cute.. LOL

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