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Katy Perry Purr vs Meow (Fragrance Comparison + Review)

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  1. Chemist

  2. Green Eyed Woman

    She should call one roar, one firework.

  3. I have both of these perfumes and they smell amazing :)

  4. Where can i buy this perfumes?

  5. I like purr and meow

  6. Cool video! Check out mine:

  7. Both smell very good and i just love the cat design bottle. I got both purr and meow with different size bottles, 30ml, 50ml & 100ml…I'm saving up to get the 175ml bottle…you all should get both purr and meow…you won't regret it! 

  8. Meow is my favorite ?

  9. I think Meow smells like cotton candy.


  11. i have both and as you were discribing about the 2 perfumes i was smelling both and i think meow is verry candy like and perr is kinda gone off but good job on the discription!!!

  12. I like both

  13. I think Meow is better!!!

  14. Maybe she can also make a perfume called roar and the bottle would be a tiger :3 and the smell would be fierce and not too string but i think fruity

  15. Please do not stand how much the perfume? I'm from Slovakia I know that you can calculate how much standing around with us. :-)

  16. i totally love this. i think im going to get Purr :)

  17. Ooh I know killer queen and it's gonna be shaped like a ruby nailed WINNER!!!

  18. Maybe the next perfume is called "Roar"

  19. i love to use the cat necklase as a ring

  20. i like meow!!!

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