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Katy Perry Meow Fragrance — Unboxing & First Impressions

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  1. I live in Spain and I was able to purchase this.

  2. I live in australia, and there is a shop/pahramasy/drugstore whatever you call it.. but the drugstore i got it from was priceline, it was literally only $30 in the 100ml and $15 for the 50ml

  3. I got meow 50ml and purr 50ml for $40 together at Shoppers drug mart in Canada!

  4. if u live in the uk you can get all sorts if sizes! ranging from 15ml to 200ml. I cant remember the exact website but if ur in the uk and interested then on google just search "katy perry meow" then your chosen amount. Hope that helps!

  5. Got both for $20 at tjmax n Marshalls

  6. She now has a fragrance called Killer Queen.

  7. Getting this for my birthday and in my country it is like RM200++ :/

  8. Pretty in Polish

    thank-you! I hope you get it for your birthday :)

  9. olivielivielivie

    This is the best review I have seen so far, I really want this for my birthday GAH!(:

  10. Deanna Lauchlan

    Thats weird you smelt cocnut, cause I loved it when I smelt it and I hate coconut.

  11. I got this one at marshals for the 100 ml for 19.99 and pur gift set for 20 dollars as well and I saw the juicy couture mini one for 20 dollars as well.

  12. At a local store, Meow was only $6.00! Totally getting it next time I go there! But I think it was just the travel size.

  13. At a local store, Meow was only $6.00! Totally getting it next time I go there!

  14. I waited it for years in Canada to get it discount but it did not happen lol I find Purr for 20$, but not Meow, I may go to Sears for the normal price and snap it then :/ I did really like the smell :]

  15. Pretty in Polish

    That's a great deal :)

  16. The other day I found this in the discount perfume section at Shoppers Drugmart for $20 after what seemed like YEARS waiting for it to be in Canada. Needless to say I snapped it up right away!

  17. Where can you buy it from Hong Kong?

  18. I got this at Marshalls for $20! It's the 3.4/100ml bottle!

  19. Get the necklace type at amazon too! You just type in "Meow! By Katy Perry Solid Perfume Locket"!

  20. You can get the Meow! Gift Set at Amazon.com! You just type in "Katy Perry Meow Gift Set"!

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