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katy perry killer queen. perfume review

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  1. Sub here.. good review. If I may add something. You are pronouncing patchouli incorrectly. The t is very soft and the ch is more prominent. 

  2. Ifbu hve nuthing nice to say about nicki minaj shut the f**k up.. Ur mama is trashy… Nice review to the reviewer

  3. yeah nickis perfume was not all that i did a review for it and it just smells like something you could get at bath and body works.

  4. I have the fragrance, it smells so delicious, all of Katy Perry fragrances she'll amazingly delicious, she always comes thru for us katycats :)

  5. Nicki minaj is trash
    her perfumes aren't original, there all just the same facial expressions with different color wigs big deal oh please! #katycats

  6. she dos have a rely nice bottle. its rely cool.

  7. nicki minaj's bottle is amazing its not just glass

  8. i thought you bought it…..like no wonder there was 40 reviews

  9. I already bought the bottle it is at Macy's

  10. Judging it based out of a magazine… really?

    I feel like when it is released, you should sample it in store.

    Still respect your opinion.

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