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Jwlhyfer’s Gothic Bohemian Salon ~ Dita Von Teese Product Reviews ~ Giveaway (unrelated)

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  1. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    Thank you, what a lovely compliment!

  2. Your videos are always so refreshing :) Thank you!

  3. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    That's a good idea. I might try that for a special occasion; like if I go out to any Gothic nightclubs.

  4. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    You know, I've found great lingeroe at Target, Walmart and Sears. So even on a budget you can find things. Not to mention Ebay and places like Ross and Marshall's. I am feeling a lot better, thank you.

  5. The lingerie is just so stunning…I wound love to have beautiful things like that…I am so glad you are feeling better. Have fun and enjoy.

  6. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    Well, I'm excited to be able to get Dita's products so I guess my enthusiasm is apparent. Thank you for the well wishes.

  7. That might be a solution , you can stick on some false nails your self with nail glue (not the one for the rhinestones )yourself so that should be less expensive . You can also use nail glue to stick hangnails back on or repair broken nails . I do that sometimes , when my nails break, I often loose the whole tipp , since they are so hard .:/

  8. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    Thank you. I am feeling back to normal; which is a relief. I have to be more careful. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

  9. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    I think you are right about a lengthening effect. I've been thinking of doing acrylic nails again. I used to have them and I loved them, but it can be expensive.

  10. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    Thank you. Gotta love a good garter belt, imo! It's so wonderful that Dita has taken the time to work with the "noses" in France and create such lovely perfumes. And the cost of the perfume is amazingly affordable, as well. She isn't like anyone else, that's for certain; which is why I admire her.

  11. Glad to hear ur doing okay!:) loved the video! I love the garter belt!

  12. Welcome back! I haven't seen a garter belt in a lot of years. They are so beautiful and the fragrance from Dita is lovely.

  13. Yeah , it really is , I always get colour stains on my manicure , but gloves just don´t work for me . But the design will probably also work on short nails . It might also give them a lenghening effect .

  14. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    I've tried everything. The thing that works the best is taking care of my cuticles and not using my nails as tools, hard to do when you are an artist!

  15. Have you tried Biotin orsomething ? I´m sort of on the opposite side of the spectrum my nails grow so thick and Long , that I often rip my stockings when pulling them up . lol .

  16. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    She's great, isn't she?

  17. Jwlhyfer de Winter

    Oh, cool! I have to watch that! I have really bad nails, but I paint the short stubs anyway…

  18. That perfume sounds lovely. I adore Dita Von Teese!

  19. Yeah , you´re back and you look smashing .:D I love spicy perfumes , more for a night out , though .As an eau de toilette it would probably also be suitable in the day time . I´m not a fan of sweet , artificial scents , either . They actually give me nose bleeds . The names they came up with for the Dita products are so lovely , as well as the packaging . I uploaded the nail art desing by the way .
    Greetings <3

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