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Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Perfume REVIEW | SteffiDrewBieber

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  1. haha thanks!

  2. gabriela villafane

    omg i love your room

  3. omg i'm trying to get that perfume… haven't found it yet it hasn't come to Indonesia yet…

  4. Do a review on Justin Bieber THE KEY perfume 😉

  5. With Mind I got a Purple Heart JB. Bag

  6. Rainbow sprinklesxx

    cool thanks xxx

  7. indonesian x :)

  8. Rainbow sprinklesxx

    can you tell me what your nationality is cuz you sound really unique

  9. I haveee itttt yeaaa

  10. thanks!

  11. You"re realyy cutee 😉

  12. Yay :)

  13. You should do a comparing of "Someday" and "Girlfriend" 😉

  14. 1k views guys!! thankyou <3 !

  15. thankyou! xx

  16. haha you're so cute!me..just kidding~.haha

  17. i have same perfume but more differnt check out my FULL one subscribe

  18. haha thanks <3

  19. i love your accent!

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