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Justin Bieber Someday Perfume Review

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  1. I Love Justin Bieber

  2. How long does the scent last?

  3. I made a video on it

  4. justin bieber someday.com

  5. Hey can u tell me the site?

  6. i have the gift set its awesome the body lotion shines on the body it has glitter

  7. EricTheMachineIsaac

    @eelinx i know

  8. @EricTheMachineIsaac it's his favourite color..

  9. i agree with you…it has the best smell…the only thing though is that mine came with the perfume, the lotion, a mini lotion, and a locker scenty thingy…and also mine came with a different bag…it is purple, in the shape of a heart, and has like a quilted um, texture to it…but it does have the little JB tag on it but mine is silver…so yeah…but i do adore the scent and i hope it isnt discontinued in the next year or so cuz i plan on wearing this for a long time!!! <3

  10. The top looks just like the one on Lola by Marc Jacobs.

  11. EricTheMachineIsaac

    What is with that kid and purple O.O

  12. @dntdeletebaby yep i live in the uk and u can get it from places like the perfume shope and superdrug :) hope this helps

  13. Amazing lucky you got the jb cutout i really want one

  14. @dntdeletebaby yep its at harrods

  15. Nice video. if anyone knows when will these perfumes available in Europie?

  16. Where did you get the Justin Bieber in the background ?????

  17. @dntdeletebaby yep its at harrods

  18. best. perfume. ever!!!!!! it made me break out into tears at macys

  19. I LOVE IT !

  20. NorwegianBelieber1

    the parfume is only available in usa and canada :( why always usa and canada? it's so fuckin unfair

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