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Justin Bieber Someday Fragrance Review

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  1. Thank you, now I know what I'm up for!

  2. I just got his BRAND new perfume, Called The Key!!

  3. You should do a review on his new perfume called "Girlfriend" :)

  4. Mine doesn't have a charm ):
    Maybe my mom bought the smaller one? oh well! At least I have one, and I LOVE it (: -3

  5. Jenny Jin Young Lee

    i lolololove the review

  6. So, Justin.. When I spray this I expect you to be all up on my neck so we can go flyin!

  7. OMG I was looking at my someday bottle and relized the charm is missing what should I do ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  8. I like how the charms are different though, mine has a plain silver heart with a keyhole and a rhinestone key with it.

  9. at 1:06 it would have been funny if you accidentally threw the bottle! HAHA not really:p

  10. me too

  11. Imma get tht for my 2 friends

  12. "he signed it(with air quotes)" "i expect you to be all up on my neck" are my favorite parts ! haha. can i have the laptop bag by the way ? 😛 great video

  13. LOL ur hilariousxD

  14. i went to mtv worldstage too see justin and these beliebers girls were spraying someday perfume (before we entered ) !! finally i can smell ! so heaveeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!!!!!

  15. Makenzie Whitesides

    Mine was almost 90 dollars because mine came with "Under The Mistletoe" and i got the free purse with it :) the purse is the big purple heart

  16. Im Telling You Guys , The Perfume Smells AMAZING . <33

  17. Chloe_Marshmellow212

    Ompa lompa

  18. Woahh an orange girl

  19. I have it since it came out well as well. I love the lotion a lot. I want to try the body wash and hair perfume spray.

  20. i got it when it first came out and it smells really goood…and ps: u are pretty :)

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