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Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend Perfume Review

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  1. I'll get it for my b-day which is in March and after this i'm so much more exited!!

  2. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING I am located in Australia so our main fragrance retailer is "Myer" so as I do at the beginning of each fragrance season I call them and ask them what celebrity fragrance are being release that quarter and to my surprise they told me that this fragrance was coming out. so I went to the store on it's release date and it wasn't there! so I went back each week to check, that later turned into each month and then never. The new fragrance season has started and this still has not been released. I'm very disappointed seen as this has my favourite note in the top – Pineapple, which is reflected extremely well in Selena Gomez…

  3. I got it yesterday

  4. Just saying but the crossing over on the original girlfriend casing is what keeps the casing together, if it was just stacked circles how would they stay together?

  5. I want it, but it's too expensive…

  6. I will b picking this up

  7. Elizabethpaulin97

    of* haha 

  8. Elizabethpaulin97

    This is a very awesome vid! perfumes for me he seems like an expert on fragrances and he is very persuasive in buying them I like how he says u just not judge perfume because if the person it's made from I also am looking forward to this perfume it sounds  better than the other new one one direction is making but I hope that one is great too ????????????lol

  9. cant waiiit!

  10. definitely want this now!

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