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Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume Review

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  1. I have the perfum of jb girlfriend

  2. I always want to have JB's perfume

  3. LayanH109 khalid

    Oh My god thank you so much

  4. I have someday

  5. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! Justin Bieber!!!!!

  6. Did it come with the free laptop case?
    Oh and do you have SOMEDAY perfume?

  7. Rainbow sprinklesxx

    i'm gonna get it when i go on holiday or i might get someday …SORRY for bragging

  8. Iiii haveee itttt

  9. I want ittt

  10. Ik heb hem besteld !!!

  11. The smell is kinda like J.Lo perfume . But I love Girlfriend more because the smell is softer than J.Lo .

  12. thanku u for this viedo :)

  13. DreamLoveEternal

    Tween part of YouTube…

  14. This perfume is a disgrace, the smell is cheap and synthetic, and the bottle is a cross between a slinky and a dildo. Such a bad product

  15. MissMakeupBaby07

    Thank you! I recently got someday and I really really really really want the girlfriend perfume. And I am a belieber:) Bieber fever(:

  16. Why the fuck am I watching this?…

  17. It is still not available in Poland so I cannot get it….But I've got Justin in my frends on facebook and there's a women who s a belieber.We chatted a lot and yesterday she was like "Hey I' like to send you Justinsnew perfume "Girlfriend"wouldthat be ok?" and I was like "lol ok 😉 "

  18. which is better? someday or girlfriend?

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