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Just As Good?!? Dot Marc Jacobs and Lady Polka Perfume Impression

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  1. I am a new subscriber and I think this is a great idea :). I can't afford expensive perfume so these kind of videos would really help me out :). Thanks for doing this video. I will be trying the Lady Polka perfume :).

  2. Trésor by L'ancôme is my favourite perfume. Ordered the 50ml … or mid sized … thouvh my discovering more may change all that.

  3. where can i by lady polka?

  4. I found Lady Polka in Dollarama today for $3 (Canadian)

  5. stephanie naylor

    i just tried "la vida loca" (the dupe for "viva la juicy") SMELLS IDENTICAL! 

  6. You remind me of cat in victorious
    Cause she weird…..ish

  7. Can you do Chanel Chance Eau Tendre?

  8. You should keep on doing them!!! 

  9. Somebody understands my perfume/anything that smells good addiction! Lol

  10. I have the Lady Polka & I absolutely love it! I bought it last summer and still have some left. It is almost gone, but it has lasted me a very long time. & it is my go to perfume so it does last A WHILE! love the video Lala (: ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡

  11. Where did you buy this imitation?

  12. Do you still live at you bfs moms house I hope you don't mind me asking 

  13. loved watching this do more please !!

  14. Great idea!

  15. Crystal Marks Park

    Go to amazon 

  16. Yes! Do more of these! I love perfume, but I just can't lay out high dollar any more…I have kids and a house and a car payment and…well, you get it. I need some cheap, but GOOD knockoffs. Keep 'em coming! 

  17. I love theese series !!! and I would love if you would make it an official series, imagine it would be called "just as good" it would be sooo awesome <3

  18. awesome new series :)

  19. I love the series and would love to see more of them! Will be looking for the Lady Dot one in stores. I collect perfumes but make sure they are all ones that I like to wear.

  20. To make an imitation last longer you should put it in the fridge for a copple of hours

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