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June Favorites | 2015

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  1. You look so amazing with your natural pretty curly hair!

  2. You look like the human version of Nala in this video. I mean, the hair, the makeup, and everything. One of my favorite disney heroine ever lol

  3. @KathleenLights Is there a tutorial on this look ANYWHERE?!? I'm obsessed!

  4. love love LOVEE ur hair & makeup in this video!💋 ..xx

  5. CAN WE HAVE A TUTORIAL ON YOUR MAKEUP LOOK IN THIS VIDEO omg I'm going on vacation and I want to wear whatever is on our face.

  6. Jennifer Schaible

    I have been using the healthy deodorant in vanilla coconut for three weeks now. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but, it doesn't mask my BO and also I have been getting a rash on my arm pits. Is this normal? Should I stick with it or is that I sign I should stop?

  7. Can you please do a update hair products video, maybe even best heat protect spray ? Especially for curly hair. My hairs curly and I straighten as well. Any advice for curly to straight hair ??

  8. omg the bloopers lol

  9. Karen Koutsoumbaris

    Great video thankyou

  10. I love your hair!!!

  11. Love your hair like this!

  12. What is her snapchat!?

  13. You have the too faced sweethearts perfect Flush blush but you never speak about it? XD

  14. shes so cute omfg

  15. Katrina Miðhamar Carlsen

    You look absolutely beautiful in this video! <3

  16. The ELF brow pencil has a cap I think…. maybe you just lost it. Mine has a cap

  17. Yovana villarreal ́

    can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how you get your hair like that ??😍

  18. Hi do you think baby love is to light for a NC44? Would your love is king be better?

  19. Margeaux Basista

    Ive never really seen you wear nude lips but this looks amazing!

  20. Dear Kathleen , Iv just got the zoeva cocoa blend pallet few days ago and I have been really loving it ! I recreated the look you posted a month ago using the cocoa blend pallet and It looked amazing !!! if possible please film more tutorials with this pallet , I do also own their Rose Golden pallet which is stunning !!! I always wish that you do a tutorial for that as well ! <3 <3

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