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July’s Monthly Favorites

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  1. MANDARINO DI AMALFI is a men's cologne. In fact, it won the Men's Fragrance Award for 2015.

  2. Great Favorites.  I am trying to get caught up on my Youtube watching.

  3. Great Favorites.  I love that Tom Ford perfume.

  4. Great Favorites

  5. I liked this video #thumbsup

  6. Your shoes are so cute. I want to try that hair mask. 

  7. Katie Palir ❤

    I want that lip gloss now!! :-D

  8. Cute shoes! 

  9. I've had a few allergic reactions to lip products so thanks for the tip with nyx butter glosses! With the baby lips lip glosses what kind of reaction occurred because I wanted to new baby lips but maybe not anymore haha. Great video! 

  10. That night oil sounds nice!!

  11. Love these favorites!

  12. Great Video.  I love that Tom Ford Bottle.

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