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Jour d’Hermes Perfume Review

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  1. Robert N Melissa Fayyazi

    I completely agree with the full review! I love this perfume so much and it doesn't last. After the citrus fades, it's there, but you can only smell it up close. And I can still feel the oils on my skin to the touch. It's a great choice for someone who wants something classy but not over powering like office meetings, airplane flights, etc. But I really expected something stronger. 

  2. i smelt that over the weekend at a high end dept store– it was so lovely… going back to get a bottle– and rouge by hermes is another one i want. Rouge scent is stunning

  3. Mimi'sFashionLounge

    I invested in some high end perfumes recently.  I bought this very perfume in conjunction with d"voyage.  If you use them together it smells amazing.  Voyage has a woody musky smell which is stronger smell.  Just a tip always buy the lotion and use them together.  Use the lotion first on your arms and neck, then spray it on your wrist front and back, your elbow joints front and back and behind your ears.  Wear your clothes and repeat this process and you will find it lasts.  P.S Jour is a lighter fragrance so using them together will make the smell last longer

  4. Hi, Mrs. Thelma

  5. Hi thelma, I hope all is well with you. I've noticed you haven't made a video in awhile I've missed seeing your frequent videos as well..hope to see you soon thelma..with love from your loyal fan!!♡♥♡♥

  6. I like Nina Reitzi not sure how to spell it. 

  7. I love watching your videos :) you sound so nice and you go into so much detail :) You are such a treat to watch :)

  8. littleblackbagaddict

    While I was in Los Angeles for New Years I tried that perfume on and really loved the scent but I agree with you – it didn't have any staying power… a few hours later you couldn't even smell it at all : (  But what an incredibly nice gift!!!  Thanks for the review!

  9. The Perfume Podium

    I'm a perfume fiend, lol! I love the Chanels, Shalimar, Paloma Picasa, and many of the classic fragrances. For me they must have staying power, especially when they are not budget brands. 

  10. Wow 150!!' Great review I like to hear whatcha got to say about the one around your neck :)

  11. I love Armani's Aqua de Gioia…..I think that's how you spell it.  And I like the Coach Poppy one too…I have the roll on of it.  Love them both!

  12. Oh gosh you look beautiful today. So exciting to get a Hermes!! BRILLIANT review, loved this x

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