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Jour d’Hermes by Hermes: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. You are such a dream to have on YouTube with regards to perfume. Lovely, sweet, and the real deal.

  2. Please, please, make a review on jour d'hermes l'absolu, it's also a very good perfume, delicate and so classy, like Jean Claude Hellena got us used to ?????

    I think i'll stick to Elixir des merveilles and Jour d'hermes l'absolu for a very very long time, i'm mesmerised by Hellena's way of combining scents!!

  3. I saw this one in Marco Airport. Fell in love but it's a bit pricey!

  4. can you please do a review of Hernes 24 Faubourg

  5. do you have any similarities with prada infusion d'iris and hermes d'jour? Thanks

  6. LOVE your take on fragrance. i have seen your blog and love it too–but is there a definitive list of all perfumes you've reviewed that i am missing? kindest regards…

  7. marguerite brainerd

    I see that it was nominated for Best New Fragrance for Women category for The Fifi Awards 2014. It did not win the first place prize but it's one of a handful that was nominated. The Fifi Awards were given out in mid-May in London.
    Very nice review. Thank you!

  8. Thank you, thank you Katie. I've waited forever for this review. I bought this perfume last year in October and been obsess since. Every time I wear this perfume I get ask about it all the time. Love you, keep the videos coming. 

  9. Bought this for my sister and she loves it. Can you review Tzora by Anat Fritz next? It's good IMHO

  10. I concur with your review. I get a modest sophisticated vibe here. This is a standout. An exceptional bottle btw…minimalist but functional. Love the heft of it.

    Only Miss Dior Le Parfum outshines this in the department stores.

  11. Yay! You're back!

  12. I missed your reviews Katie! Btw you look smoking in the red lipstick

  13. Happy New Year Katie! Could you do a review of the Sunshine Fragrance by Clarins?

  14. Great video Katie! Keep the great reviews coming my dear! ?

  15. oh katie, as always you are so spot on! i'm the resident "nose" at a sephora and i wish i could show my frag crew your reviews instead of the (beautiful, but hollow) training videos that most brands send us

  16. Love your reviews. Could it be possible for you to do a review on Tom Ford Plum Japonais and Neroli Portefino? It would be also great if you get a chance to do Chanel No5 pure parfum!!

  17. Great to see another great review. :)

  18. Are you familiar with Mary Kay fragrances?  Belara fragrance by Mary Kay I find to be one of the most lovely scents.  I have been wanting to purchase other fragrances in that same field.  Can you suggest any?

  19. SuzanneGabrielle

    missed you. welcome back.

  20. I missed you so much Katie !!

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