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Joop Nightflight Review

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  1. the na commercial pronounciation is wrong, wolfgang joop is from germany and it's pronounced they way you said it at 0:15

  2. Wolfgang Joop is a german. So the first pronunciation is right. Don't copy the mistakes, which commercials made! 😉 Greets from Germany.

  3. Thank you. This is my least popular review I think, lol. It may be the hat.

  4. I like your take on this one man. Also perfect setting and outfit for a spring scent. Outdoors in the middle of all those trees with the hat and shades…..well done!

  5. one of my faves, i dont get much lemon just a soapy fruity smell

  6. Great review! I like it along with go, jump and the original! They all have great projection and good longevity on me! :) they are not too groundbreacking but nicely done imo.

  7. @Neil4Speed If you don't like lemon scents, you won't like this. It's very sharp. If you want to try a pineapple scent, try Passion Pineapple by Forever Florals. Hope this helps

    Thanks for watching and for the kind words. =)

  8. Thanks for the awesome review man. I was thinking of blind buying this one, but will probably pass now. I am not a huge fan of "lemon" notes, I thought it would be more pineapple infused. Also, I expected epic longevity/siliage a-la-joop, but apparently not existent.

    Great review though, keep it up!

  9. What on earth are u trying to look like!?

  10. @syarrito07 Thanks!

  11. Nice review man!! Never tried this one

  12. @Guinea54 I've only smelled the original and this. I like the original better. This is not at all what I expected being called nightflight, it's not really a good scent for night's out IMO. Especially with the name Joop, I expected something sweet and dark. Thanks for watching Paul.

  13. Thanks for the review, ive only tried joop original and jump.. oh yeah and joop go, which is very close to the skin. I am not overly impressed with the Joops. Jump isn't too bad tho. kind of 1 millionish smelling to me. Ill give props to the original too.

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