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Joop! Homme by Joop “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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  1. Joop is my favorite cologne in the world. When my other bottles run dry i won't even bother replacing them. Joop is all I need.

  2. Joop where I live is worn by chavs and bouncers. If you like joop homme try paco rabbane Black XS, that's just as sweet if not sweeter. Also Creeds Original Santal and Mont Blanc – Individual both have similar smells to it

  3. Drews-herbal-vapor reviews

    Joop is Bomb great review !

  4. Always keep a fresh bottle in tha collection??

  5. Wouldn't recommend this to a teenager. I personally hate it. It's strong. 1 spray is over the top.

  6. Never liked this fragrance. So ordinary and nothing special at all. Hall of famer? Hm. Nice video though.

  7. old school, Ck Obsession a must on street scent…. best Ck In my opinion….cedric the ideal man for this…..

  8. The unintentional comedy in this video is off the charts! Between her laugh, the possibility of the chick being high, the truck driving by, some alarm going off….hilarious!

    Al! Stop finding the loudest places EVER to film your videos!

  9. silverss onyoutube

    smells good i have a 100ml bottle that i got for free because it was giving them headaches . and it also gives me headaches too .

  10. I've never liked Joop homme and still to this day don't.. it will never be in my collection, EVER!!! 

  11. Ahh, that propane exhaust is a little sweet but a little petrol in the background…but masculine.  Love StreetScents!  Need to check this one out again, it's been 12+ years since the last I tried it.

  12. I hate Joop, I only watched because of Chelsea. 

  13. Great vid as always Al!! 

  14. always happy to see you out on the street doing what you do best! 

  15. Obviously she loves the smell of burning plastic… ^_^

  16. Great video on a classic scent and a "beast" for projection and longevity! A must have in my collection.

  17. It was my first cologne ever when i was 17

  18. I personally love Joop! I can understand how other guys don't like it though, it is a tad on the sweet side. Great video Al!

  19. PromotingTheBeat


    Yep! lol

    This fragrance really depends on the person, I personally can't stand it, I don't care how little of this you put on.

    Joop! Nightflight on the other hand is f-in slammin'.

  20. Atmosphereification

    What's up with all the ppl with natural oils?

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