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Joop! Homme by Joop! | Fragrance Review

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  1. I watched the review to find out what smells similar to this scent so I would never buy them as well. I am a huge fan of your reviews and believe Men's Health, Maxim, Esquire, or the like should pay big bucks for you insights. I trust your judgment that it is a amped up candied cinnamon. My pedestrian nostrils just pick up weird and off putting. I suppose if I had to become a serial killer or a hit man this is the scent I'd wear. The reason is I doubt any victim would beg for another moment of life if they had to smell this. I may even be thanked!

  2. Ian “Attack With Style” Cahill

    I love Joop , the only issue is i can still smell it a few days after .   You only need a few sprays of this stuff.

  3. Charles Sebastian

    Yup its definitely  a HULK….

  4. Official Theodore

    Please do a review of Joop Homme WILD, thanks.

  5. Domenico Rossonero

    Hello, +dracdoc , I have the same bottle as yours (new formula) and I find it very soft with poor sillage, I'm sure it's not fake.

  6. There are people who like the smell of joop and there are others who doesn't like it, but for me it's a classic smell! 

  7. Joop homme is the best for me

  8. Two sprays just doesn't seem like enough…I usually go 3-4 sprays with all my fragrances. Mind you, I have most of the monsters for projection that you reviewed in the longest lasting review, which are: A*Men, A*Men Pure Malt, Opium, Le Male, Joop, Obsession, DHI, One Million, Versace Eros… I've never got a "You sprayed too much", only compliments with them all. Just doesn't seem like only 2 sprays will get noticed. IMO. I used to do like 6-7 sprays before I started getting into reviews lol but always positive compliments. I don't "think" I've ever been like that old lady you can smell from 5 feet away. Haha…feedback anyone?

  9. This is my favorite scent ever .. i been wearing this stuff for many many years now but the trick is to use it very very lightly NOT even a full spray just barely push down on it on your wrist so u get a tiny drop and rub your wrists together then rub your wrist behind your ears the Cool down is so much faster . I never had a complaint well i take that back i did when i first started using it like 10-15 years ago i would do a full spray on my chest. But ever since i change how i apply it to my wrist very lightly not one complaint because its so mellow when you use very very little then you can smell all the different spices in it and its true sent come out the way it should be .

  10. OMG just applied it. That thing is a beast. Projects like a monster. More then 2 sprays would definetely kill people. Feels like bubble gum which is pretty bad IMO. Wating for the drydown to see if I smell any wood in it. I really like fruity frags. like Lacoste Essentials or Lacoste L12.12 but this is just crazy bubble gumish but unique smell. If I had to choose between love/hate/like/dislike I would dislike it. Awesome review doc!!! Keep up in good work :-)

  11. Hy i like your flagrance reviews :) i have a problem with my joop homme.. Even If a spray 4 to 5 times on my neck IT doesnt last more than 3 hours and the flagrance is original not fake i check the bar codes crom the box and botle.. Why doesnt last more than 3 hours in my country is summer now is there a problem with the flagrance in hot wheather?

  12. Do NOT wear this cologne. It'll give everyone around you a headache and they'll probably avoid being near you. It's just too strong and too sweet that it's annoying to smell it on anyone. Even women hate this cologne because it's too sweet for guys to wear. Women prefer guys to wear clean scents like you've just got out of the shower. Not sweet, fruity or feminine colognes.

  13. venkatraman raguraman

    I guess everyone has their story about that bad fragrance that turn them off. Mine was Brut.
    I have to say this. Since I have started sniffing again, there have been two fragrances that really made me sick to my stomach. They are Joop Wild and Joop Go. I do not know what they put in the bottle. Reading the notes does not warn anyone against the torture their nose and stomach have to go through.

  14. I still love this fragrance.. I used it when I was in my early teens and still use it now that I'm in my mid 30s. Now I just wish Gucci would re-release their Envy fragrance

  15. Hands down my favorite cologne. It's truly bizarre how strong it is, how long it lasts, and the scent itself is both complex and simple, masculine and feminine, pleasant and unpleasant, common and mysterious. If want to play it safe, just one spray on the Adam's apple or chest. To me it is the essence of life on the edge, life to the fullest. It's rock and roll in a bottle. 

  16. Does Anyone else think Joop smells like fly spray, just like the ladies perfume Angel smells?

  17. What size bottle do you own? Dracdoc

  18. Hey Doc,   Would this be a good scent to wear snowboarding? What would be some good scents for winter sports?

  19. Drews-herbal-vapor reviews

    Sweet for the ladies ! A lot of ladies love it but it does varie from person ! It is sweet !

  20. Omg Cody we have the same exact taste, that's insane…..I wore this one when I was about 14 and I never wore another fragrance until I was 19!! lol this is the scent that made me think all fragrances were horrible…seriously this is absolute torture to my nostrils. My dad still has the same bottle I used 6 years ago and it's still full…my worst smelling cologne I've ever smelled……Cool water and Ed Hardys Love n Luck are two that follow.

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