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Joop! Homme by Joop! Cologne/Fragrance review (1989)

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  1. Between those two, 1 million.
    But my advice is to buy something else, something more masculin, more unique, more mature, buy yourself a cologne like Egoiste or Encre Noire, etc.

  2. this perfume is just disgusting…

  3. Joop is more sexy..than One Million

  4. What is better, 1 million or Joop! Homme???

  5. I have Joop! Jump and i love it!

  6. i dont get how some people dont like joop! i got a 125 ml bottle for like 15 bucks and here in canada it varies from 60 to 80 bucks for that much, but i got it from someone selling it online the bottle is practically full … ill admit the opening scent is a little much but the dry down is crazy not too mention my lady likes it and yes i can see how u joop! would be competing with 1 million they both smell similar in a way

  7. I love joop! You didn't mention a few things like how fast is wears off.

  8. Yes, there has been some talk of them I need to check them out, I'm interested to see more of Joops! scents :) thanks for the info man :)

  9. there are a few different joops. I own both jump and go. joop Go is the lightest imo as in projection, but it lasts a long time. Jump is a bit heavier with projection. I only use one spray for go and jump. You might get away with 2 sprays with go, but be careful in summer

  10. Well most women do overspray, the original Joop! 2 sprays does me fine. My sister however wears Joop! Homme and wore 15 sprays of it at one point :( she's used more of her 125ml in a week than I have of my 75ml in three months! so I can understand your frustration! xD. I have yet to smell Joop Go and Joop! Jump and I think there is another like Joop Club? or something

  11. why would you want to stink up a room? colognes are not meant to be used that way. There is this girl at work who wears this aweful perfume and oversprays it. It chokes me out standing over 10 meters away. Your best bet is to go with something that has good longevity, not too heavy on the projection to draw women in to get a second wiff.

  12. Longevity and projection are no where near as strong though

  13. joop go and joop jump are better

  14. Check out designyourownperfume.co.uk if you'd like to design your own perfume:)

  15. Hey, great review. Could you name some similar fragrances that are also very potent but a little less sweet/candy?

    much appreciated

  16. hmm thought this was new never seen this on shelves til now

  17. Reminds me of Mont Blanc Individuel, but I prefer MBI. They're slightly different, but in a similar vein, and I think MBI is a little bit tamer and more wearable in general. Joop is pretty loud. Original Santal is similar, as well, but also toned down compared to Joop.I think both MBI and and OS are better options for this style of fragrance, but if you like it, rock it…just rock it quietly.

  18. Joop! Homme wild is amazing. Can't wait for that review.

  19. Trí Đạt Tạ

    Marc I really need your help ! Joop Jump or Joop Homme ? !

  20. Hey Marc can you please make a review of Joop's Jump?

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