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JOOP! HOMME (1989) Fragrance Review

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  1. Joop!..Worst fragrance ever !

  2. YO your funny ass fuck, BTW i went to the gym with this shit on. I coudnt wash it off lol

  3. its a fun fragrance :)  sweet and nice for young and good lookin men . not boaring people …

  4. good lord I hate this crap

  5. smells too good

  6. One my most hated frags out there! But i do enjoy Joop Homme Wild! :)
    Awesome review as always.

  7. lmfao yur a funny one! cheers

  8. Thank you sir

  9. I sure did. Thnx for dropping by

  10. Fredrick Stafford

    You totally lost me when you compared Kim Kardashian to ANYTHING classy! Seriously, dude, have you seen that porn video she made? Calling her a skank ho would be an insult to skank ho’s!

  11. Milton Mena Galeano

    Excellent and honest review.

  12. theLupeXperience

    real talk bro, this stuff is a weapon: smell good and kill! lol

  13. theLupeXperience

    That would work!

  14. 2 Sprays is death lol

  15. Great review. I blend mine with MB Individuelle – 1 spray Joop! and 2 sprays Individuelle.

  16. theLupeXperience

    thank you 😀 Im glad you liked it

  17. Great review

  18. theLupeXperience

    ThnX Raz, haha u forgot 1mil! LeMale is outta control over here, damn! One day i walked outta my apartment, I saw a huge bottle sitting on some1s dresser thru their open window, then I went to the gas station& there was a group smelling like one big LeMale party, then in line to go in2 the club I smelled it on some1. I said -I QUIT, gifted it to one of my yungr bros. 1million is just as bad and LaNuit is getting there.

  19. I think iv tried this once, about ten years ago, never been interested in trying it again, its just so damn common over here, every facker wears it, along with c.w, le male, adg and blue jeans lol.
    Top shit review man!! Cheeeers!!

  20. Nice review man :) I have a question… is your Joop still smelling fine (especially top notes) after 7 years? Did you store it well?

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