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Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin Cologne and Body Cream

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  1. James C. Williams

    Very nice review Cleo. I was wondering if it was worth it to invest in the body cream. I may try the lotion but, the body cream's price is  a little more than I wanted to spend. Have you tried the shower oil?

  2. I love your detailed, honest reviews!

  3. Johmathan .B. Swift

    Very nice review .I enjoyed it immensely . I am looking for a nice summer scent. Something with grapefruit , basil and a sandalwood base maybe. Would you happen to know of any ? Thank you

  4. Cleo, how I have : Agava and cacao, + blackberry and bay + peony and sude – Which  body cream   will be good, if I want to add wanili and sweetnesses without flowers. ? thank You.

  5. Very good  informations :), thank You.

  6. AGentlemansJourney

    Nice review, Mrs. Cleo. How you are with Joe Malone, I am with Kenneth Cole (just the brand in general).

  7. Hi Cleo,i got so excited when you said u got more samples, and yes from frederic Malle,its much stronger as its the parfume, not the cologne, some daysi like, most days im finding my love and yes..hee hee, my obcession too, my Jo Malone,starting to get alittle hotter here too, finding the lipstick rose just a wee bit heavy,its ok tho,cooler days will come. I love to rotate anyways.I also agree with you, im not sold either about the layering of the creams followed by the cologne,but i do have to say ,last night used my sample of the NBH body oil, patted on after bath, then a few spritz of the NBH cologne(loved it!!.Woke up and could smell it stiil)Stayed close to the skin tho  ,even after inital layering.I feel im going thru my colognes alittle faster as im after 2 years of using mostly Jo Malones i tend to over spray ,if thats even possible with them..um maybe im like you ,im not smelling it on me..yet my husband could smell it ,he was standing next to me.I dont know ,the colognes play some head games with me..lol,i still love them dearly.I think thats why i started checking others out.Oh Oh wanted to tell u i ordered some Hilde Soliani samples, ive want to try for awhile, um ,waste of money, i personally think, i was very disappointed in those, generic smelling and synthetic,sadness, i  tried 7 in her line.Hope you r well ,Always love your videos,feels like we r sitting chatting about what we love.Your friend Jody x

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