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Jo Malone Frangrance Review (Part 1)

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  1. Someone bought me the rose scented cologne,smelled like when you were a kid and someone puked in school.They cleaned it up with that horrid disinfectant spray.
    The Vanilla cologne was a nice smelling cologne.Very clean
    The Amber Lavender is awesome.Clean,kinda sexy.Get lots of compliments.

  2. @FM897 I understand where you're coming from. Personally, I find many Malone fragrances to be on the expensive side to be so simple that they need to be used in tandem. There are many wonderful, complete, complex fragrances that can be purchased for less than one bottle of a Malone. I do a full bottle of Wild Fig, though! If you have the cash to buy a bunch of Jo Malones', more power to you!

  3. Love the reference to Necco Wafers. :-) I don't know that I'd like to smell like them, but I do love them and their chalky feeling – and yes, I did once have a craving of eating/biting into chalk, a craving a satisfied a few years ago…Necco Wafers are better. :-)

  4. High Carb Whole Foods

    I appreciate your review, but as you said, these fragrances are designed to be layered. It just so happens that a few of them are suitable stand-alone fragrances, but it's unreasonable to EXPECT them to be. They are what they are, nothing more, nothing less, and it only seems fair to judge them accordingly. So, "It smells too simple" doesn't seem like a reasonable criticism. If you just don't think a scent is done well, that's a different story.

  5. I like blue agava, but it was just pleasant…nothing mind blowing.

  6. @wagsbass I have heard so many great things about Baie Rose 26. Now I definitely have to track down a sample!

  7. since you are not a rose person, try to get your nose on Baie Rose 26 by Le Labo, the best rose scent imo and i'm not a rose fan myself

  8. I have a sweet tooth so i got a small bottle of Blue Agava and Cacao. Vanilla & Anise is an interesting combo but not my thing. I wish the top notes of Pomegranate Noir lasted longer, the mid notes smell weird.

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