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Jo Malone Cologne Collection ~ 2016

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  1. Wonderful fragrances! I am so behind on your videos! Watching now! xoxo

  2. Awesome Gift. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wendy S The Loving Fifty

    I just subbed! Love seeing the Edmonton skyline on your page. Very informative video too since I just got into Jo Malone. Thank you honey. Come visit me in California sometime. xoxo Wendy

  4. Breakfast Tiffany's

    Thank you for sharing sweetie. I see how popular they are now. Haven't stop over at their counter will next time.

  5. You're so beautiful 😍

  6. Thanks for sharing your awesome JM collection. I'm just getting started and trying out different samples to see which one stays on me longest 😉. Glad to see you're enjoying them!

  7. Great collection!!!! I want to get a few more Jo Malone fragrances in my collection…..enjoy and tfs hun.

  8. Very nice collection……thank you for sharing.

  9. Yes! I agree with miss frasier, you look super beautiful! Also I just love your jo Malone collection! I'm a sucker for his candles!

  10. you look beautiful and your hair is nice. you inspire me to make a video

  11. How do you get the scents to last longer? Do you layer with lotion? Have you ever tried their lotion? You mentioned you have some stronger scents that you don't use much.

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