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Jo Malone – 154 (cologne) review

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  1. James C. Williams

    Just purchased a 30 ml bottle of this last week. Lasts much longer than my other Jo Malone fragrances. I have Wood Sage and Sea Salt, as well as Lime , Basil and Mandarin. I would really love if they made a Eau de Parfum concentration.

  2. Very detailed & helpful review. Thank you. 

  3. Thanks a lot mate!

  4. You're one of the best reviewer i enjoy your videos good job thanks

  5. I think you mean Black Vetyver Cafe. I have a small bottle of that. Interesting comparison to Bulgari Black. I'll have to try them again to see if I can get the comparisons.

  6. I wore Pomegranite Noir twice and loved it. Actually it was my very first Jo Malone introductory frag so I have a special love for that one but a bit tired of it now. Who knows I might switch back to liking it again. They do have a nice Vetiver that I've worn. I think they have two. A black vetiver which to me reminded me of Bvlgari the rubber cologne a bit. Have you tried that?

  7. Going back to it after a long time should be interesting. I'm a fan. I recently finished the bottle. Not sure if I'll buy it again. I want to try some new ones from Jo Malone. Pomegrante Noir has my attention.

  8. This one I'll have to sample again. I didn't get any wow's out of it on first smell almost 10 years ago but I will have to try again.

  9. I agree, very appropriate choice. One festive fragrance I recently came across was Annick Goutal's Nuit Etoilee. It's like Cartier Declaration but without the intense cardamom note.

  10. I'm pretty sure I had already replied to you but it isn't showing!
    Yeah the intense line are great. I remember liking Oud and Bergamot.

  11. It's festive! I wear it to very classy places!

  12. Well done. I agree with everything you said about your description. I've tried to get my hands on the Amber & Patchouli, but for some reason the Nordstrom, Saks & NM in my area are not carrying the intense line of Jo Malone right now. They said they would order it, but I always have to sample and wear a scent for a full day before I will purchase it. Actually, all 6 of the intense line sound as if they have potential.

  13. Blue Agava & Cocoa is the only Jo Malone i have, i quite like it. Dont think i sampled this one yet

  14. I will have to do some sniffing soon. Thanks!

  15. Citrus and basil dominate the top and mid and then the patch comes through.
    I'd also recommend Pomegranate Noir and Oud & Bergamot.

  16. Excellent review! Thanks for your insight! I'm a fan of citrus, so this one may be to my liking. I happen to be a fan of vetiver as well. If only it dominated the patchouli and not vice versa. Nevertheless, it sounds like a great fragrance!

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