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Jessica Simpson Signature -Perfume Review

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  1. I've noticed the price has dropped on this fragrance. Do you have any idea as to why?. 

  2. Too much ''ummm''…

  3. What a truly amazingly beautiful bottle!

  4. I just smelled this one today and I ended up getting the nicki minaj minajesty instead. My favorite Jessica Simpson one is vintage bloom. I have two bottles of that one. 

  5. The Macy's by me has this out already. My husband bought this for me for my birthday and I love it..I have her fancy line and I am a huge fan of hers. This smells sooo good! :) great review! 

  6. Princess Brittany

    I LOVE her fragrances… this sounds good! 

  7. I was hoping you would review this scent. I will look for it in stores. Thanks.

  8. beyonce Heat-wild orchid

  9. I'm so Jelly :) So so soooo Jelly. Xoxo

  10. Pop Albums Unboxing

    Great review!!! You're so lucky!!!

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