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Jessica Simpson “Fancy Nights” Fragrance Review

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List Price: $ 173.50 Price: $ 71.99


  1. venkatraman raguraman

    I do not buy celebrity fragrance on principle. I found this at a local discount store for $4 (1 Oz EDP, 3 OZ shower gel, 3 Oz lotion)
    I kept the EDP myself and I cannot believe that they made this fragrance. This is a hidden gem and is so far my best bargain buy ever.

  2. This was such a pleasant surprise for a celebrity perfume and i am glad i blind bought this and ignored some of the bad reviews in fragrantica, probably by her loyal sugar/candy fans. It reminds me of one of my mothers perfume that must have been heavy on patchouli,it definitely has that old quality heaviness which i love. Also oak moss as an ingredient is going to get more and more rear in the future so this is a valuable addition to the base of this beauty. As for the fragrance i can only say that i really can smell forest in it, can't explain how i just smell the cold dark forest in the night and the wet soil with fallen leaves and you know how sometimes the moon shines and gives it this dark green/blue color that we all wish we could capture in a photograph but it comes out just a black pic? yeah <3
    The colors on the box and bottle are spot on as you said very good job they did there!

  3. me compre este perfume ayer a ciegas! muy buen review.

  4. Very lovely fragrance…a far second only to Chanel Coromandel which has Benzoin and Incense. Only other fragrance I find as exotic and mystical is Ron Marone's 'Sexy&Rich Women' which I cannot find anymore (not even on eBay!!!!)

  5. Amazing review! I picked this up today as a blind buy- and before seeing your review. And I have a lot of her fragrances… This one is so different from the rest of them! I do like it :)

  6. great review just bought a gift set of this with a small purse size – larger 50ml I think and body lotion for $10 ALL full! lol – I love the "sexed up lemon" you describe!! really detailed review and helped me know that I did well buying this gift set – going to pick it up tonight 

  7. BlueEyedDemonWoman

    Ohhh you just made me have to add this to my want list!.,..Gotta have a perfume with a papyrus note since I am in Egypt most the year. Love the videos have you tried RIhanna Rebl Fleur??? One of my favorite celebrity fragrances. Take care, see you on Fragrantica!

  8. It reminds me of the original Maja by Myrurgia. I know the one sold now is a pale imitation. I think it's more of a 60s fragrance. Enjoying your reviews. Thanks.

  9. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    A massive step in the other direction hehe. I was weary at first but have grown to love it.

  10. Thanks for the information about this one! I have the original Fancy but obviously this one takes a step in another direction!

  11. So glad you reviewed this. This is amazing! It makes me want to see what else Jessica has to offer… this has right away become a favorite of mine!

  12. have you chanced your camera? it's more clear…
    I love strange fragrance too… it's uniqe. the notes sounds really nice, I just don't know how aokmoss smells like (maybe I do know…but I don't know it aokmos…) which perfume has this note? I love when you find cheap and nice perfume,that's mean you have a good nose…thank you so much!

  13. Excellent description,can't wait to hunt down this gorgeous scent!!

  14. Now I want this fragrance 😛 Love your reviews, much love from México. <3

  15. LOVE your reviews. Kisses from Brasil baby.

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