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Jessica Simpson Fancy Girl Perfume Review

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  1. Icedcaramellatte

    Thanks for this review! I just found your channel when I searched for info on this perfume after finding it online with no information as to notes.  I really like Fancy but haven't bought any of her other scents.  I noticed that it is not available in stores yet so I may just order this one unsniffed.  The notes sound like something I would like.  Thanks again.

  2. Do you know if there's a mini bottle (less than 1oz) of this perfume? I'm collecting mini perfumes and I have all of the JS minis exept this one… Love your videos!!!

  3. Like. Omg. You're. Morse code. Speech pattern is freaking me out

  4. Do a vlog where you go shopping and looking for new scents in stores and you film!

  5. Perfume blogs and talks would be great

  6. omg……i love fancy and fancy love and now fancy girl…must try even i a boy lol….

  7. Harry Stans Onika

    I think that the other camera is better and more HD that this one if that makes sense.

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