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Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

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Launched by the design house of Jean Paul Gaultier in 1993, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER is classified as a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh spicy amber, vanilla and wood. It is recommended for daytime wear.

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  1. Jeremy reminds me of the handsome Ken:D
    I like the top notes of Ultra male, smells like sweet fruity bubblegum (pear like Paco's excés that I wore long ago), the drydown doesn't impress me, not so great, but I'd buy a fresh, wild and sexy stuff. I fear for purchase this juice cause of the club effect and I don't want a perfume that everyone wears shortly…btw I'm not a guy so maybe on me smells it little bit different:D

  2. jpg was taken over by puig who manufactures paco rabanne and Carolina Herrera amongst others

  3. alessandro quarta


  4. Unterhaltsam, gut gemacht, geil wie Gucci und Prada.

  5. i dont like it it smells strange

  6. Vardenis Pavardenis

    review paco rabanne Invictus

  7. Von wo hast du dein Hemd?

  8. I smelled this in Macy's and it smelled like old men.

  9. Hallo Jeremy,
    Pls do a review on JPG le male Terrible and compare it with the reformulated le male version based on longevity and projection..
    I really like your reviews on perfumes as they come with factors like longevity and projection..
    Thanks man for all the reviews!

  10. oMG this dude is so sexy can you imagine him walking down the street smelling good and looking this good

  11. rsrs you're funny, ok thank you i'll buy one

  12. love that song in the background!

  13. 3:37 wish i was cool enough to pull that off during conversation

  14. I agree on most of this review although I think this fragrance really shines when it dries down on the skin. I tried this on my hand and I couldn't stop smelling my hand and it kept asking me to buy it.

  15. was sagst du zu le male terrible?:)

  16. It is a nice sweet fragrance like you said not a signature scent

  17. I have this fragrance it smells like a young guy's fragrance very sweet and lasts forever, spray too much and you will make people's eyes water lol.

  18. Bunariee Braaah (Buny)

    i got your face like at 0:51 haha 😀 nice vid like your honest opinions

  19. We should boycot Jean Paul Gaultier for that Le Male reformulation :D

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