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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male vs Paco Rabanne 1 Million


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  1. I bought 1 million then sold it a few days later. It becomes too sickening to smell. And you can't get that shit out of your clothing haha. My washing still had the smell of it a couple of days later.

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  3. Le Male is wonderful, it's a beast it can last over 24 hours easily, but contrary to most people's opinion I don't really think it smells THAT great, it just smells good.
    On the other hand One Million smells amazing, lasts for so long but my only problem is that literally everyone wears this scent. If it weren't for that I'd probably wear it way more often.

  4. I am glad you say that you do not like Jean Galtier because I am not going to buy anything with a dick poking out of the bottle…….F that = ha .. Never tried the 1 Million,,,,I looked at your vid with Natalia Osada and I could clearly tell she hated it and I will not probably buy that either but at least it does not have a dick sticking out of the box..

  5. ULTRA MALE  by Jean Paul Gaultier  review PLEASE !  they said it smells like a intense version of  D&G the one.

  6. I like to watch Jeremy.. he really inspires me a lot. .hope to meet his awesome guy..

  7. Is the one million collectors edition any different in smell to the original one million

  8. Jean Paul is classic. Never can go wrong with it. My go to when i dont know what to wear

  9. the girl part was very funny, especially the apartment part.

  10. Everyone that says 1Million smells like a woman's scent is so lost. You use different colognes for different tasks and situations. 1 Million is one of the best scents for going out on dates or going to the bar. It is incredible in all nightlife situations. Don't wear it to work, it's not meant for that.

  11. To be honest, I'm not a fan of either of these. They are just too cloying, sweet and somewhat headache inducing. I get tired of them after 30 minutes of wear, and they both smell very similar. Not my cup of tea, however i can see why they are popular.

  12. One million smells like the taste of cotton candy, just very very sweet 

  13. If you love jpg le male but don't like the reformulated version, try paolo giardini pour homme, It's a edp so it lasts all day and smells just like jpg for half the price. It cost under 30 u.s dollars.. Guys go out and buy it.. you won't regret it. Better than cuba gold and any other flanker. 

  14. Maybe it has been reformulated. But those of you who are saying le male is weak are full of B.S. I have it and it lasts more than 12 hours on me. The only reason people aren't smelling it is because of olfactory fatigue. Never had the vintage but I'm glad it's reformulated because it still chokes people out. Especially during the first hour…

  15. I like one million and le male…they are different in that one million is very sweet. I wore one million after reading all the reviews and honestly i got very few if any comments. Le male is less sweet and in light doses females absolutely love it..However as many people will say it will sit close to the skin and projection can fade.. so with that said spray le male in the morning, maybe 2 or 3 spritzes and after it fades around lunch spray under your shirt and it is a beast. women love it and thats all that matters..not many people are wearing le male anymore, theyre wearing one million, which makes le male stand out

  16. Lord of the LabRats

    got the "new" le male and yes, it is very short living. probably better to spay on clothes.  the 1 million had me sol just because it is in a gold bullion. great marketing.

  17. Which one is better, 1 million compare to :
    1. Aqua di gio
    2. Dolce & Gabbana The One
    3. Carolina Herrera Ch Men
    4. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme
    5. Versace Eros.
    6. Armani code
    7. Hugo Boss no 6.
    8. Eternity for men CK
    9. Cool water by David off

    tq for recommendation =)

  18. What do you mean when you say there are fragances that you only use in summer or winter? would you explain in a video how to choosea fragance for each season? thank you

  19. Try out halloween man by Jesus del pozo, supposed to be a more tame version of 1 million

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