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Jean Paul Gaultier 2 – Fragrance Review

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  1. This is my favourite fragrance ever, yet it seems so difficult to get hold of these days. In the UK at least.

  2. MrDare2bdifferent

    Yes I get a whiskey note in this… But thats my nose. You really have to wear it several times to see how it turns out on you.

  3. whiskey?

    im going to test this

  4. MrDare2bdifferent


    Your welcome man, this 1 is indeed not for everyone.

  5. this one came off as too feminine for me. i love vanilla, though. thanks for this review!

  6. MrDare2bdifferent


    Yes do that, its pretty good man!

  7. Im gonna have to check this out too fo sho!
    Cheers man great stufff.

  8. I love this one!

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