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Jasmin Noir by Bulgari: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. Adisti Yuliandini

    Hi katie I really need ur suggestions, between burberry body and bvlgari jasmin noir which one do you prefer? Im 25 yo girl, thanks anyway

  2. Hey Katie have u tried a la nuit jasmine by Serge lutens? Im looking for best jasmine perfume tht smells like real jasmines :) 

  3. Hi Katie iim looking for best jasmines perfume tht really smell like real jasmines:) I m just wondering if you have tried Serge lutens a la nuit jasmine? Or any other perfumes tht smell closest? Thanks!

  4. I might've gotten a wrong impression of this one because I had Dior Fahrenheit and Bvlgari Black before this one in the store. I need to try again.

  5. Update: my purchase of the perfume must be a reformulation. It smells like a damp green banana, slightly creamy smell. No gardenia in sight. Sigh.

  6. Ive found allure for men to be a really refreshing scent for men, i always get comments when i wear it from women and men

  7. I gave this a pass at the store. though very pretty, it was too well behaved to generate interest. Luckily I kept the scent card and loved how it evolved from there. Pretty anise gardenia turned to mysteriously bittersweet Jasmine and almonds. I bought a gift set! Comes with lotion and a clutch!

  8. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Mon Jasmin Noir is lighter, not as woody smelling.

  9. doremifasoinlove

    Hi Katie how does this compare to Mon Jasmine Noir…? I get a ton of nougat and jasmine with this one I am interested on your opinion on this fragrance.

  10. Katie Puckrik Smells

    It's been a while since I tried L'Essence, but let your nose be the guide – sounds like it's perfect for you and you should stick with it.

  11. have you smelled the Bvlgari Rose esentialle…it's soooooo pretty and feminine

  12. Hm, i remember, when I smelled this perfume for the first time I didn't know the name of it… I thought that this is just the second rose perfume – that was the first sence for me – rose. Don't know, this is my nose lol

  13. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Fashion house and perfume names get famously mangled in the mix, and I do try to find the correct way to pronounce them (i.e. the way the company itself does). However in this case, I hadn't found my way to accuracy before shooting this vid! It is properly BULgari, not bulGARi as I say here. Ah well, at least I'm always willing to learn.

  14. Is it bUlgari or bulgAri? I totally trust Katie to pronounce things, but I keep hearing people pronounce it the other way :/

  15. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Ooh, the smoky/leathery thing sounds good!

  16. i really like this. it's very low throw, like all the other bulgaris ive tried. in the late drydown it's kind of smoky and leathery on me.

  17. Katie Puckrik Smells

    I review men's fragrances, too. Go to my channel page and click on "Men's Fragrances" under "Featured Playlists" on the right hand side.

  18. I like it, but find it to be too much on the weak side. Almost no sillage. It does live on for quite a good time though.

  19. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @irinashenkovska It lives on and on in a lovely soft way for a long time on the skin…

  20. when i first got this, as a present, i thought i couldn't wear it. it was too dry, too woody, too spicy. and then when i felt the dry down… i melted. i love it now! although i do think it's a night time scent or for those who want the attention in brought day light! :)

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