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  1. Your hair is perfect here!

  2. this hair color 😍

  3. you look SOOO good as a brunette!

  4. This is the best haircolour on you!

  5. AHH! this hair color is giving me life

  6. You look so cute as a brunette!!!!!!!

  7. How do you smell things and talk at the same time?!?! Weird to be jealous of that but I am…

  8. Hi. I love you Jaclyn Hill. Bye.

  9. beautiful as always love you girl your such an inspiration to me xO

  10. Can you please post the hair color name….

  11. watching this in 2015…..go back and see this and think wow she went so far…started from the bottom and now we hereee

  12. this is your BEST look :)

  13. individualpersona

    oh my gosh 😀 so glad someone finally mentioned my eyeliner! I use the Maybelline eye stilleto the exact same way!

  14. Oh my god you are literally the prettiest girl I have ever seen 😱 I absolutely love, love, LOVE your hair! If you had any free time to model, you would definitely be the loveliest.

  15. Noelle Collette

    I lovvvveeee this haircolor on you!! Of course the red looks amazing but for fall/winter it would look soo good :) 

  16. Elizabeth Avila

    I need a primer, ugh! >_<

  17. Beyondmakeupartist

    Omg please go back to this color 

  18. +Jaclyn Hill Hi Jaclyn!… one little question… I don't understand why did you said you were going to change the color you use in the dipbrow pomade, since your hair became even more redish (I don´t know even inf that word exists), because as far as I know and what I've seen on swatches, auburn is a redish color and your eyebrows look ashie now. Not judging, just curious, because It´s something that really made me wonder (my english is bad, so I hope noone takes me wrong). Maybe the answer is so simple as that´s your personal taste, but as I said before, just curious. :)

  19. You always look amazing BUT YOU LOOK SO AMAZING WITH THIS HAIR COLOR AND I LOVE IT! Great contrast with your light eyes!!!!!! Also, the bold brows…. YAAAAAAAAAASSSS!!! xoxoxox

  20. Love the brown hair again!!

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